Marketers (like this guy) get a bad rap for being arrogant and self-consumed.  And rightly so for many of them.  But despite this video’s ridiculous, over-the-top view of marketers and salespeople, they do get one thing right. It’s okay to be liked. It’s a million times better to be effective.

A whole lot of people didn’t (or don’t still) like Ghandi, or Gen. Patton, or George Washington, or Abraham Lincoln, or Bill Gates, or Martin Luther, or Martin Luther King, Jr., or John Calvin, or Steve Jobs, or Jerry Colangelo, or John Piper, or Winston Churchill, or Jesus Christ.  But you can’t say they weren’t (or aren’t still) effective.  And some of them weren’t even arrogant.  A lot of people even love these people.

Be effective. If people like you, count it a bonus.

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