All brands are remarkable.

Not all of them act like it.

Well, hello there. I’m Mike Jones.

Proud Arizona native and Brand Architect.

It is my mission to see brands grow and succeed – to reach their full potential. Every brand, like every person, has DNA that’s remarkable, but not every brand knows how to act like it (and communicate it to the world). It’s not about what’s trendy, whatever consumers are demanding, or whatever will turn the fastest profit. It’s about the long game – building real relationships with your customers and your community.

More About Me

Oh Hey--I'm writing a book!

My partners at Resound and I have teamed up to answer the question: What goes on inside the heads of great brands?

Want to be the first to grab sneak peeks of the content? 

There are a few topics that will have me nerding out in no time.


I will be forever asking questions like “Who are you?” “What do you stand for?” and, “How will you prove it?” I believe in brand at a “soul” level – the DNA that makes your company unique.


Marketing is all about building real relationships with your customers and fans – who are, contrary to popular belief, people. Not data points. Not sheep. People. Fleshy beings with thoughts and feelings.


Business can change the world. It’s up to us to make sure that’s for the better (eh, Conscious Capitalism?). It’s my personal goal to serve people well through business, whether those people are my clients, employees, or my family.

(I also nerd out about history, design, and basketball…and don’t get me started on those.)

Some of my remarkable clients.

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