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Snippet 1: As CEO of Resound, Mike Jones is a full-on brand nerd. He’s constantly looking to help remarkable people create vision-driven brands and build real relationships with their customers. His background in design (whether that’s Photoshop, Legos, pencils, or a camera) lends a strategic eye to marketing campaigns. Mike’s also coffee enthusiast – he’s been known to brew 8 cups of home-roast per week.

Snippet 2: Remarkable brands require authenticity and a die-hard commitment to values and purpose. Mike Jones passionately pursues these beliefs as the CEO of his brand agency – Resound. (He also gets kinda preachy about branding as co-host of the podcast AZ Brandcast.) In recognition of the work he’s done, this Arizona native has been named one of the state’s top entrepreneurs under the age of 35. He lives in the very sunny city of Mesa with his wife and two kids. If you want to connect, Twitter’s usually where you’ll find him – @remarkamike.

About Resound: Resound is a branding and marketing agency for culture-focused organizations: you are remarkable – act like it. Based in Tempe, Arizona, Resound has been serving clients in Arizona and across the country since 2009. At a high level, their services include: Brand Development, User Experience Design & Development, and Content Strategy/Inbound Marketing.


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