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Awesome time with Danielle Williams and Tisha Pelletier on the Arizona Daily Mix talking Arizona entrepreneurship and PHX Startup Week.

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What’s better than a really great conversation? A really great conversation that you can play back later.

Ignition Point with Steven Miller
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The Leadership Lowdown with Jodi Low
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The Creative Hustler
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MAC6 Community Radio Show

MAC6 Community Radio Show
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Strategy Inside Everything with Adam Pierno
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LifeBlood podcast interview Mike Jones George Grombacher

LifeBlood Podcast with George Grombacher
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Phoenix Business Radio X
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What's Your Ask? Podcast with Stephanie Sims

What’s Your Ask? Podcast with Stephanie Sims
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The Skyler Irvine Show
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Recent Publishments

How to Announce a Rebranding |

“Staff will be clearer on your purpose, vision and values. Sales will get easier. Marketing will be more efficient, as designers, writers and creators for your brand will have clear guidelines.”

How to Win at Social Media Branding | Logo Joy

“Put some energy into crafting some creative verbal guidelines. And make sure every post, tweet, comment, gram, and snap feels like the real ‘you’ of your brand.”

How the Micro-Moment is Changing UX Design | Adobe Blog

“A small change, cutting an online registration form from 22 fields to nine, gave the client a 24 percent increase in online registrations. It’s amazing what benefits such simple changes can make.”

B2B Marketing Tips for Small Businesses | Tempe Chamber of Commerce

Understand that your potential customers are still human beings first (not just employees of their company). They have deep, human needs to be met by you and your products – not least, keeping and excelling at their job. Create videos, ebooks, newsletters, and articles that help them see the higher value you provide, not just for their company, but for themselves, personally, as well.

Using Content Marketing tO Attract Customers DURING A PANDEMIC | AZ BIG MEDIA

“Even as businesses and economies have been shut down, we’ve ramped up our content publishing – including videos, podcasts, articles, and emails – remaining consistent in our messaging and brand positioning. Despite a slowed economy, we’re seeing an uptick in new clients due in part because of our consistency and growing types of media in our content marketing strategy.

Meet Mike Jones of Resound in Tempe, AZ | VoyagePhoenix

“I firmly believe that business is – at its heart – all about relationships. Whether that’s with employees, vendors, customers, or partners, every business is chalk full of relationships.”

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