Dear Email Marketing Managers,

Please write subject lines that reflect the true content of your email.

If you want to say ‘Great News!’ then take a moment to think before you press ‘launch’: What other kinds of emails might I get that would say ‘Great News!’ in the subject line? Perhaps a baby announcement from a dear friend, or an engagement announcement from a relative, or even an offer letter from a potential employer. These would all certainly be classified as great news.

Your monthly announcement of your newsletter being available online, however, is not great news.

It’s news—though the fact you say the same thing every month gives me pause to even accept that—and it’s possibly even good news (if I were in love with your newsletter—which I’m not) but it is certainly not great.

Don’t lie to me.

It leaves me disappointed, frustrated, and with a nasty taste in my mouth that the latest trendy, breath-freshening gum/mint/spray/mind-trick won’t fix.

If you truly do have great news I’m all for having you send an email my way to let me know. But it better be truly great news. Like once-in-a-lifetime great—or at least once-every-couple-years great. Why don’t you save your ‘Great News!’ subject line for one of those emails.


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