One of my co-workers at Cardinal Path recently asked me what blogs I follow…probably because I’m such a ‘know-it-all.’

Anyways, so I rounded up a few, emailed them over, and they actually found them useful. And I thought ‘Why not turn that list into a blog post?’ 

Yeah, I couldn’t think of a reason either.

So here’s some of the top blogs that I follow:

General Business News:

  • – an online version of the business-oriented magazine. I get their daily emails which gives you 5-6 quick news stories in business. They tend to focus on tech and startups.
  • American Express’s OPEN Forum – one of my favorite business and marketing news sites. Lots of great stuff here though they do be more focused on small businesses (which is a primary focus of American Express, as a business).
  • A VC – the personal blog of Fred Wilson, a venture capitalist in NYC, with Union Square Ventures. Fred and USV have their hands in a ton of tech startups (including Twitter, SoundCloud, Tumblr, Zynga,, KickStarter, Etsy, and others).

Advertising and Marketing:

  • The BeanCast – Not a blog, per se, but one of my favorite podcasts ever. It’s a weekly roundtable discussion of recent marketing and advertising news. They usually come from the perspective of small-to-med-sized agencies and companies (rather than the stuck-in-the-mud giant, corporate guys that populate much of the AdWeek news cycle).
  • Seth. Godin. Is. Brilliant. Every post he writes is pure gold…or at least pretty shiny.
  • Convince and Convert is Jay Baer’s blog and personal consulting platform. This guy is one of the foremost thinkers in the burgeoning social media marketing world.
  • Dan Zarrella. If Jay Baer is the Socrates of social media, Dan is the Sir Isaac Newton—a full-blooded scientist. He measures anything and everything about social media and also pulls some pretty amazing insights.

UX and Design

  • Viget (UX agency out of D.C.) has a great series of blogs for anyone in UX, UI, and/or web development.
  • UX Magazine is great for general user experience news and articles.
  • Co.Design is Fast Company’s design-centric online magazine. They’ve usually got some insightful and inspiring posts.
There’s a whole slew of other blogs I follow for design inspiration but these here are more informational and high-level.
Definitely let me know what blogs you find helpful in your business. You can share below in the comments.

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