I’ve been playing around a bit with Wordle.net lately to make some word clouds. Wordle.net is a cool little web site where you can import text from a web page or RSS feed or just copy and paste it in and the application will spit out a word cloud based on the number of times words are used. It’s a fun way to visualize the usage of words.

Here I’ve posted a couple word clouds built from the lyrics from the new album my band, Sunday Morning Drive, just released. Thought it’d be cool to see what words get used the most in our lyrics.

This first version has common English words filtered out.

This second version does not have common English words filtered out.

I plan to do some more of these in the near future including a study of word usage in this blog. You have any ideas for word clouds? Post ’em in the comments and maybe link to your own word cloud you make at Wordle.net!

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