I follow a few people’s blogs who post a summary of where they’ve been around the web each day. I probably won’t post every day (or even on the day I found the places) but thought I would add this to my schedule. Not only to do you get to check out some (possibly) interesting links but I get to store them somewhere I can refer back to later.

So here we go:

– this was a fun little gallery site that users can upload pics they take of cool latte art. Some pretty impressive works can be found here.

TeuxDeux – I actually stumbled on this site last week from a recommendation on Twitter. TeuxDeux is a very simple web application for making and organizing daily to-do lists. So far I’ve found it really helpful and easy to use. Oh, and the minimalist site design is brilliant. It so fits the designer in me.
Vesper Font – found this great font today. Looks great for setting lots of small type (i.e. a book or pamphlet).

Le Grand Content video – a humorous video I found on YouTube presenting seemingly random items of life through infographics (charts, tables and other means of comparison). Brilliant.

Volcano Choir – I love Bon Iver and just about anything else Justin Vernon is—or has been—involved in so it follows that I should love Volcano Choir, one of his side projects from this last year. And I do love it. A lot. Which only means that you too should check it out since I have such wicked taste in music.

What Matters Now (Free PDF) – the brilliance of Seth Godin never ceases to amaze me so when I see he has a download-able PDF on his site I can’t help but snag it. Especially when it takes Twitter by storm this morning. It was good (though not great). Essentially he’s collected brief snippets on various topics from almost 80 thinkers, bloggers, writers, and do-ers who have recently or are releasing soon books that he supports. It’s worth at least a skim through. However, this all makes me wonder if he gets any kick-back for making such a huge PR storm for these people’s books.

What great web places did you discover today?

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