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Life has gotten a little crazy for this jerrythepunkrat and I haven’t been able to quite keep up to date with all the places I’ve been around the web. Here’s a stab at starting to fix that.

  • Showcase of Modern Web Design Trends by Smashing Magazine – Smashing Mag usually does a good job with these list and round-up articles on design trends. This one did a pretty good job capturing the major web design trends going around right now.
  • Pocket Guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Produced by Forty Agency, a local marketing agency, this short and sweet freebie guide to SEO is great for those who are just figuring out what it means to market on the web. As always, the copywriting is brilliant, the design is tight, and the content is useful. You should definitely check this one out, regardless of whether you care what SEO stands for or not—you might just learn something.
  • Dave Hill – I’ve seen this guy’s photography portfolio before but stumbled on it again recently and was again blown away. If I had to choose just one photographer shoot my band this would probably be the guy. The level of detail, image complexity, and breadth of values in his works is incredible.
  • Scans of Medieval Book Pages – I stumbled on this collection of scans of old book pages on Flickr. Some of the ornament illustrations are just incredible.
  • Barnbrook website – this design studio in London has employed a really unique way to display its portfolio—each image is displayed as the background of the site, with navigation and info elements floating on top.
  • Chris Meisner design portfolio – I found out that this guy is a local Phoenix designer. So far I love his work. Simple, clean design style with a slight hand-crafted feel.

Have a great day, folks.

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