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Just a few places I’ve been around the internet lately:

  • Powercurl – a handy addition to the Mac power cable to keep it neat and tidy for traveling and storage
  • 12 Examples of Paragraph Styles (for the web) – Jon Tangerine, web typographer extraordinaire, has put together twelve different examples of styling paragraphs of text on the web, including CSS style code for each. I’m preparing to build a couple different blog themes this year and these will definitely come in handy.
  • Free Slab Fonts – need some new fonts? Slab fonts are all the rage right now. Here’s a bunch of free ones. Most are free to use on personal or commercial work. A couple are limited to only personal work but read the limitations of use for each one to be sure.
  • Doe Eyed – this site is the personal portfolio of illustrator and designer Eric Nyffeler (of Lincoln, Nebraska). He has some amazing work. I especially love the poster designs. Plus his site navigation’s a bit funky and fresh.
  • Desktop Calendar Wallpaper downloads – if you’re looking for a cool desktop background for your computer that has a calendar up for January, be sure to check out this huge list of free ones.
  • Movie Title Stills Collection – a massive inventory of screenshots of the opening title from movies, spanning 1920 to the present. A designer’s goldmine of inspiration for old and new-school type treatments and inspiration.
  • Kellerhouse – this design studio has worked on a ton of movie posters and DVD packaging. Some really great designs in here.
  • Time Management for Creative People by Mark McGuinness – this free PDF download looks like a promising guide to helping me get my time under control. I’ll let you know how things go. Here’s short and sweet article from McGuinness about why creatives need to be organized and manage their time well.
  • Friends of Type – a promising gallery of interesting samples of type treatment, updated frequently. I’ll definitely be bookmarking this one for future inspiration.

Check ya later, my peeps.

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