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On the eve of 2010 I’m leaving you just a few goodies from around the ‘nets. Enjoy!

  • Parachute Journalists Poster – a gorgeous poster designed by the brilliant Jeff Finley of GoMedia.
  • Google in 2009 – a full review of all that Google was up to in 2009. They really are going to take over the world. Them or the Chinese.
  • Great Designs of “Coming Soon” Web Sites – a great round up of “coming soon” page designs. My favorite is the Love Freelancing site.
  • Beautiful Dust Storm Photographs from Sydney, Australia – these amazing photos were taken during a recent dust storm in Sydney. The color is just amazing.
  • The Noughtie ListJenni Leder has taken up assembling a run-down of “Best Of” lists for the 2000’s from across the web over at A rather daunting task but so far it looks like they’ve got quite a few already filed. If there’s a subject of culture that you want a “Best Of” list from the Aughts there’s a good chance they’ve got it here.
  • Analog Co-op – Jon Tan and several other designers and developers have started a design agency co-op. Besides the intriguing organization of business they’ve put together, their new one-page site has lots of little hidden gems. Like HashGrid (a fun javascript plugin for a design grid overlay you can toggle on and off) and some cool GeoIP trickery. If you’re a web nerd you’ll want to check it out. I promise you’ll enjoy!
  • OmmWriter – I haven’t played with this application much yet but so far it looks very cool. It’s essentially an uber-minimalist word processor. OmmWriter is focused on allowing a writer to, well…write. There’s simple, intuitive navigation, a soothing writing space (with background image) and minimal formatting options to keep you from getting distracted. It’s all about writing. Only one downer—it’s for the Mac only right now. But if you’ve got a Mac I’d recommend checking it out.

That’s it kids. Have a great New Year’s Eve!

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