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(After the previous of these posts on where I’ve been on the web I realized I’ll probably never get these posts written and posted before the same day is over. So I’m switching to just numbering these posts rather than saying “Today” or “Yesterday.”)

So, here we go—a list of sites and things I’ve recently found on the web that I found inspiring, profound, cool, or fun:

  • HTML graph – this is a wonderful little web application for displaying the code behind a web page as a graph. A very interesting way to visualize the data behind a page. I ran it for the home page of The Semi-Daily Dose and it blew me away with just how complex this seemingly simple site is. I ran a few other sites that I actually coded and proved to myself that I build fairly simple sites. This graph also reminded me of a personal art project that had thought of a year or so ago that involves using the html code behind sites. I need to get on that!
  • Continuity Web Game – I stumbled on this simple yet fascinating puzzle game through a link shared on Twitter. The controls are very simple but subtly clever. It’s proof that you don’t need to wow people with crazy graphics or even an incredibly deep storyline for them to be engaged by your game. You just need to make them think…but not too hard.
  • Does Print Size Matter? – a good post discussing the issue of print size in art photography. I’ve never really thought much about it but found it interesting the variety of factors that can determine the size at which a photographer decides to output (and sell) their photos. The link comes courtesy of an amazing local photographer—Tyson Crosbie. I highly recommend checking out his Flickr account—especially his fine art photography—to get a sense of his incredible talent. By the way, if anyone is feeling especially generous, I would love one of his photos hanging on my wall.
  • Gift Ideas for Adobe Illustrator Lovers – I just can’t resist posting this one. I’m a huge illustration fan (and dabble a bit myself) and so anything related to Adobe Illustrator usually catches my eye. So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your beloved digital illustrator this might be a good place to start. There’s 15 good ones listed here.

Hope these can keep you busy for a few minutes. Maybe more if you get sucked in the Continuity game like I did!

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