yeah, its been just about 2 minutes shy of never since I last graced this page with my witty (sometimes), informative (hopefully), great (always!) life commentary.

to be exact: 5 months, 1 day, 23 hours, and 5 minutes. or something like that. whatever.

so much has happened in 5 months, its been crazy! The band is going great! shows everywhere (13 in the next 8 weeks), a new member (David “The Key Man” Cosand), a brand new website (mad props to amie sassman!), and some awesome new songs.

Add to that a new job (R and R Images), multiple occurences of my car breaking down, and several trips to Flagstaff to visit the most wonderful girl in the world, among other things.

most recent news of great import: Mute Math is by far the best new band out there. No question. check out this rockin’ vid of one of their live shows. I’ve never seen so much energy and musical talent in a while. they’re a sweet mix of everything great: The Police, Radiohead, U2, and a little Bjork and DJ Shadow mixed in for good measure. you cannot afford to miss these guys. besides, their drummer can just about tear any house down with his crazy break beats. you have to love this stuff!

another sweet vid to check is Athlete. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an atomic diagram with quite this many crazy dance moves.

on to great thing rumbling on the internet, Google is in the works on one of the greatest web projects to surface in a while: an online calendar with the ability to link with their incredible gmail service as well as share your events with others and in turn see and add theirs. I can’t wait! here’s some super secret screen shots and inside info.

well, that’s it for tonight. I’m so ready to crash and burn.

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