So here’s the wrap up (I think –  maybe one more next week) of my little Twitter Superbowl social media experiment.  I checked the Superbowl Twitter account twice today to see what the count was and here’s where we ended up:

12:22 am, 2/2/09 – 3079 followers
11:02 pm, 2/2/09 – 2965 followers

So it looks like about 300 or so followers bailed within about 4 hours of the end of the Superbowl.  But after that it seems pretty slow.  I expect it’ll take a few weeks for most people to drop this one from their list.  If you use a Twitter client like me (I use TweetDeck) you might find that you forget who exactly you’re following unless they post on a regular basis.  I often have to remind myself to go through those I follow and clean things up every once in a while since some either never post or never post anything relevant.  We’ll just have to wait and see with this Superbowl account.  It’ll probably depend on if they continue to post anything or not (but by the looks of their last post yesterday they are not going to continue with the account).

Again, if you use Twitter and want to follow me I’m at

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