so tomorrow is grocery day. gotta pick up some of the essentials (or staples, as you will), i.e. bread, water and milk. not having a job the last couple weeks has really got me on a tight budget, so food is limited to only the necessities, or whatever I can bum off my wonderfully giving parents (thanks again mom!). though the budget crisis should be over in a couple weeks. managed to get offered a job at best buy (woo hoo.) so if you happen to be over in scottsdale, feel free to drop on by the best buy at Indian Bend and the 101 and say hi (and maybe buy a digital camera!). yeah, I’ll be workin’ the ‘digital imaging’ deptartment, as they call it. hopefully it’ll be a fun place! nothin’ new on the music front, other than all my cd’s got jacked out of my car. good thing I have ’em all backed up on my computer! I am totally all for backin’ that stuff up! I saw this thing on the screen savers (best tv show ever) on this guy who back’s up people’s music collections digitally, for them, and gets paid to do it! that’d be the bomb-diggity job! I’d be all over that like a hobo on a ham sandwich! so… until next time, keep it nifty!

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