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TeuxDeux (pronounced like “to do”) is a simple, online, daily task organizer. I first mentioned this application on the Semi-Daily Dose a couple months ago and have been increasingly using it to keep track of my daily tasks ever since. I now use two different accounts (one for work and one for at home) and even convinced my wife to use it. Oh, and did I mention that it’s free? I’m hooked!

In light of this I thought I’d share a it about the application and what I really enjoy about it.

Probably the best aspect of TeuxDeux is its utter simplicity. After signing up for a free account you’re taken to the main screen which shows you the next seven days, a simple list under each day, and another section at the bottom for “Someday” tasks. Right off the bat there’s little room for confusion as to where to put tasks.

Once you start putting tasks in and getting them done you simply click on them again. They get a simple line through them and grey out so you know they’re knocked out. Oh so satisfying.

You can also re-order tasks in each days list by simply grabbing them and dragging. You can drag them up or down in a list or even drag them over to another day’s list. This is a really handy feature missing from other simple, free, online tasks list organizers—one that I definitely enjoy.

The main window defaults to show only the next seven days but if you want to jump forward or back in time you can always use the arrows at each side to get there. I rarely find myself using these much since planning further out than a week or two for tasks doesn’t help me much. I focus much more on the immediate ones and if it’s a long-term task or one that’s not a high priority I just put it down in the ‘Someday’ list. I can always grab it and drag it up when I need to assign it to a specific day.

Overall—simply a great task list organizer! I highly recommend it.

The only conceivable downside that I’ve found is it lacks an iPhone or other smartphone app. I don’t have either so it’s not a big deal to me however I’m sure that this feature would be extremely helpful for many.

Here’s a video produced by the guys who made TeuxDeux that explains more about the interface and features.

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