I stumbled on a great t-shirt site recently – TeeFury.com – a nice twist on the online social t-shirt site idea: release only 1 shirt a day and make it available for only 24 hours. I took a quick perusal of their archive of previously printed T’s and they seem to have a good collection of high quality art shirts (think Beautiful/Decay or DesignByHumans rather than the more simple/humorous shirts of Threadless). Amazingly, for such short print-runs, the shirts are only $11 a piece ($9+$2 continental US shipping)!

I was most impressed by their ingenious combination of high-quality art shirts plus new shirts daily plus a limited window of availability. Its very similar to another of my favorite online art galleries, Tiny Showcase, where they weekly release a limited run of small prints with a new artist every week. I know some artists shake their heads at the advent of the computer and the internet but I really love these new artists and lovers of art that have fully embraced the internet and its ability to make short-run or limited-release art accessible to so many more people. No longer must one live in the local vicinity of an artist to enjoy their limited edition prints or releases but people from all over the world can experience these local treasures!

Art + internet = creative, sell-able gold!

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