late, as usual, I only today finally downloaded the new Firefox 1.0 preview version. I highly reccommend it as an alternative to Microsoft Internet Explorer (I’m just about a anti-fan of Microsoft, despite the fact my machine runs XP). If you haven’t heard yet, Mozilla (another great web-browser, and maker of Firefox) provides some great products (like Firefox!) for free. In this case, Firefox is much more secure than IE, provides a built-in pop-up blocker, and a great assortment of plug-ins (such as a google search bar and a whole ton of others). You can completely customize the program with as little or as much stuff as you want depending on your interests and degree of web-saavy-ness (some people really don’t need even a quarter of the plug-ins they offer). best thing about Firefox? FREE! yeah, completely free! which is awesome considering what you’re getting for nothing! feel free to download it here.

so I happened to be filling out some of those dorky sweepstakes that Guitar Center has every once in a while (cause I really want free music stuff!) and I ran across this crazy video. its the video of the winner of this year’s Guitarmageddon contest that Guitar Center puts on. its an annual guitar contest to honor the best unsigned guitar player in the USofA. this guy is just plain nuts! you’ll just have to check it out! I’ve never seen anybody do so much junk on an acoustic. just go watch it and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I’m suprised I haven’t posted a link to this guy yet! Isaac Rentz. I went to college with him back a couple years ago, when I was up at Northern Arizona U. and I’ve been keepin’ up on his site ever since. this guy’s goin’ places and does more stuff than anybody I know. amateur song writer, film maker, graphic designer, as well as holding down a job and going to school full time: this guy blows my socks off! check out his site – great posts, good links, awesome stuff to check out. oh, and if you got the dough, buy a Taking Back Sunday shirt, if you get the chance, and support Mr. Rentz (he’s designed several shirts for them). you’ll have to check his site for which ones are his, but I’ve linked this one right to the TBS merch store.

there ya go, some tasy tidbits for ya to savor. have fun.

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