Apparently the NFL has set up an official Superbowl twitter account for people to get updates throughout the week, in anticipation of the big game this Sunday. As I was reading this news I had the not-spectacular thought: I wonder how many people will follow @superbowl? And then I had a slightly more interesting thought: I wonder how many followers of @superbowl will stop following after the Superbowl is over?

In my limited observations, social media applications, like Twitter and its many ‘Tweeters’ accounts, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and countless others, seem to attract a lot of people at the beginning or near the beginning of their lifetime but as the months and years go by people lose interest and move on to the next online social bandwagon. As a small example of this I am curious to see what happens with this Superbowl account and its followers once the primary purpose of its existence has passed.

Well, now I’ve material for another post next week! Check back next Monday and we’ll do the Twitter math.

@superbowl Twitter followers as of 2:52pm MST, Monday, January 26th: 1067

BTW – I too love the fads of social media, including Twitter, on which you can follow me if you’re so inclined.

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