of being tired. yeah, life got pretty full and crazy in the last few days what with work, my design class, the band, and putting together our website, all at the same time. oh man, tomorrow (my day off) is gonna be awesome! ‘why?’ you may ask. well, it means I don’t have to be up until I want to! yay! anyways, here’s some major design linkage for ya: netdiver.net, a ‘best of website design’ site. check it out but beware, if you’ve got access to a broadband connection you may never return from this site! its got more good stuff to oggle and drool over than you can imagine. at least if you’re into design. some way sweet stuff. I thought of perhaps picking out some of my favorites, but the more I started checking out sites the more I wanted to post them all, so I figured I’d just let you discover them all for yourself.

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