I’m getting truly excited for Phoenix Design Week! Are you?

For those who don’t know (yet) Phoenix Design Week (PHXDW) 2009 is 5 days in October devoted to the celebration of the design community in the greater Phoenix area, with multiple events and conference activities throughout those five days. Included are a variety of exhibitions, open houses, workshops, presentations, activities, films and other community-growth oriented events, all centered around design and creativity.

PHXDW was the brainchild of several local creative companies and individuals who desire to see the local design community of Phoenix grow and thrive. The week and it’s activities are designed to facilitate unity amongst local creatives, allowing them to interact with and learn from one another, reigniting their passion for both design as well as our local community.

Here’s a few details of the week:

October 21st to October 25th


  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: Terralever, Santy Integrated, The Clarendon 
  • Wednesday Night: Terralever
  • Thursday Night: Santy Integrated
  • Friday Night: Madcap Theaters
  • Saturday: Phoenix Convention Center
  • Saturday Night: The Clarendon
  • Sunday: Phoenix Convention Center

This inaugural event comes with one amazing price tag: only $40! Compared to many conferences this a total steal. If you’re interested please check out the PHXDW website, www.phxdw.com, for more info and to register for the event. On the website you can get all the details like specifics on events and times, conferences speakers, news, etc. so check it out.

I’d love to see you there!

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