yeah, that’s what you’ll be tellin’ Sum 41 too once you’ve heard this crazy mp3 – Basically, if you’ve got stereo on with those computer speakers of yours you’ll be hearing Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist’ out the left speaker and Sum 41’s ‘Pieces’ out of your right speaker. give it a listen. you should notice that both songs have the exact same chord structure, same tempo, and an eerily similar melody. “whoa” (as Keanu would say). yeah, scary isn’t it? any booing, name calling, or other taunts for musically cheating can all be directed at Sum 41 seeing as they released ‘Pieces’ 2 years (2004) after Coldplay released their song (2002). so to all you punkrockers out there, here’s a little tip I’m passing on to you: if you don’t know how to write good music, just steal. if it works for Sum 41, it can work for you! just don’t steal any of my stuff!

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