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A hero of mine, John Piper, recently re-posted an article (10 Resolutions for Mental Health) in which he explains the great impact his professor Clyde Kilby had on his own life. Kilby helped Piper to open his eyes to see the glorious nature of each moment if seen as a part of a life lived before a loving Creator.

I highly recommend reading through all the resolutions but one from Kilby that Piper lists rang especially true in our current circumstances:

I shall not allow the devilish onrush of this century to usurp all my energies but will instead, as Charles Williams suggested, “fulfill the moment as the moment.” I shall try to live well just now because the only time that exists is now.

 I’ve been thinking about the noise and distractions of our present lives lived in this 21st century—a century begun right smack in the middle of the information revolution. With the advent of the internet—the ease to which it brings just about any information before us and the ease to which it gives us to push our priorities in front of others—I’ve felt myself being buried alive under the massive weight of all these various channels screaming for my attention. And on top of this lies the perceived pressure to keep up; to remain current with this tidal wave of information sources. The “devilish onrush” of our current times is weighing me down mightily.

The quote from Kilby brought a relieving reminder—each moment need not be lived in fearful anticipation of making the most future moments. But my focus needs only be to fulfilling this moment, the one right before me, as the moment to live well. Amen. Those are soothing words to my ever-distracted soul.

Have you found the “devilish onrush” of our present times overwhelming at times? How have you dealt with this? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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