so, sleep is starting to become non-existent. at least in mick jones land. two real jobs and another “job” (me just messin’ around on illustrator for money) is startin’ to cramp my style. sleep. that wonderful, non-drug-induced state of being where all is forgotten. that state of consciousness that, for some reason, i am completely addicted to. anyway… today involved many phone calls to many large companies who really had no interest in my survey questions/sales pitch, little eating (though my one meal at Chile’s rocked! thanks mom!!!), and a whole lot of fun! oh, and rob, this awesome graphic design guy who i’ve known since like jh had me over to his ‘office’ (the rennovated garage behind his house) to help me on some design stuff… and then treat me to 45 minutes of video games! gotta love 30-something year-olds who still love to game it up! check out his stuff at, plus the site itself is just cool! anyway, time to catch a few winks, before another busy, fun day

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