yeah, so today ended much better than yesterday, despite puking all of Leslie Savage’s fine salmon dinner all over Kiwanis Park, in Tempe! first off, I made it to church for the first time in a couple weeks, which was awesome cause church today was awesome! second off, I got two free meals thanks to the awesome Delnoces (or Delni, as we on Excel staff affectionately use for the plural of Delnoce) and Savages (you guys rock!) along with some awesome conversations with them, as well! Thirdly, got to hang with one cool HS junior, Johns! He’s the man! fourthly, I got a call back from Best Buy about orientation tomorrow! Hooray for job! fifthly, I got to play soccer with a bunch of crazy kids from ASU, and ran into my old friend from HS, Justin! its been an awesome day!

found this crazy web page with all these tattoos of cool game and tech stuff! its pretty interesting (except for the way crazy lizard-man guy at the end of the list. I’m not a fan of his lifestyle.).

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