when you can’t remember your sign-in name or password for this crazy blog system. yeah. way too long. anyways…

the big news: COME TO MY BAND’S SHOW!!!

actually its an audition, but its open to the public.

here’s the details…

Wednesday, November 24th, 6:30pm

Cooper’stown, in downtown Phoenix (1st st. and Jackson)

we’re auditioning for the Alice Cooper Christmas Pudding Concert/Dinner in December.

so far we’re 1 of 24 bands picked out of the original 100 entries to audition. if we make it through this audition we’ll go on to play a second audition with the remaining 11 bands on December 8th. But we need support!!! as far as we understand it, the judges are looking for an awesome band WITH lots of support at the auditions! So come, and cheer us, Sunday Morning Drive, on to victory! oh, and keep New Year’s Eve open. we’re hoping (and planning) on putting on a ‘Friends and Family Show’ somewhere, probably some one’s house. and if you’re readin’ this you’re probably a friend or family member and you’re welcome to come! more details to come in the next couple weeks.

here’s a tasty tidbit for all you xbox gamers. www.xbconnect.com is an awesome site offering a free program that sets up a crazy ‘network’ over the internet, allowing you to play popular system link-capable games over the internet…FOR FREE! so far I’ve been tearing it up on Halo 2. basically its like xbox live, without the whole money-for-the-service thing. check it out.

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