Fast Company recently posted the first article in a series on the need for user experience design in brands’ communications. I highly, highly recommend this article to anyone in marketing, design, social media, and communications. There are so many golden nuggets of UX wisdom in here, I can’t stress it enough: read this article.

My main takeaway: In the hyper-technology age we live in, brands must begin valuing user experience over technology. Don’t use it unless you plan to use it well.

Here’s a few quote highlights from the article to whet your appetite and get your UX brain juices flowing:

For brands to compete for attention now takes something greater than mere presences in the right channels or support for the most popular devices…without thoughtful UX, consumers meander without direction, reward, or utility. And their attention, and ultimately loyalty, follows.

…businesses are designing for the sake of designing, without regard for how someone feels, thinks, or acts as a result.

The primary function of UX is the development of an architecture that creates a delightful, emotional, and sensory experience. 

Successful UX evokes engagement or purpose, affects sentiment, and influences behavior.

Engagement is not a campaign, it’s a continuum where technology is merely an enabler for a greater vision, mission, and purpose.

You can read the whole article here.

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