whew, they finally got rid of the Lakers! and what a way to do it: blow-out home game scoring 126 to 90! now on to the Clippers. I’ve gotta say that the Suns have to be one of the most exciting teams to watch. Sure other teams have one or two great players each who are fun to watch but the Suns whole team is awesome especially when its clicking! mad props tonight to Leandro Barbosa for having a career year and two huge playoff games in a row. and more mad props to Raja Bell for keeping the ever-scoring Kobe Bryant to 26 points during Kobe’s 43 minutes on the floor (and only 2 of those were in the second half!).

in other news Sunday Morning Drive spent most of today in the studio which means there should be some new songs showing up on the website and on myspace soon. so check ’em often!

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