yeah, so don’t get me wrong, I love our band! I have a ton of fun playing music, writing songs, and just hanging out with the other guys. but man, surfing around has made me realize just how good our stuff is! I’m not one to brag but I happened to be checking out some of the top unsigned bands on the site and a lot of them are just the ‘same old, same old.’ its like we’re the only band out there who actually doesn’t sound like every other band. what gets me down, though, is that we get like maybe one hit a day on our little blurb on purevolume. it’s like we don’t even exist. it begs the question: “what the heck are people listening too?” another green day/blink 182/the strokes pop-post-punk band??? c’mon people!!! get an ear! or two! there is so much better stuff out there! its like the entire music world has gotten completely wrapped up into this huge hipster/post-punk craze that it appears that nothing new can be popular. argh!!! it makes me sick. if people would just stop buying into it. its just like hollywood. they’re gonna keep putting out the same old rehashed crap as long as people keep throwing their money at the screen. all I know is we gotta get this thing rolling. we need to show the world, or at least the greater Phoenix area what real music sounds like, prove that musicality is still alive! so if you wanna join this crusader please check us out at and and support the music reformation!

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