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I love seeing great design being employed to help great causes and Samaritan’s Purse definitely fits this bill. They are a non-profit, Christian relief organization who my wife and I have become involved with recently (at a very minimal level). We whole-heartedly agree with the approach these people take to serving people around the world in need with both necessary physical items, like food and shelter, as well as sharing with them the great news of Jesus Christ coming to die on their behalf that they might be freed from the bondage of sin and reconciled to our great and loving God.

And not only do they have a great mission, they have employed great design and branding across all fronts—from their website and emails to their printed newsletter and other printed collateral. I love the consistency found in their branding across all these communication mediums as well as the attention to detail and the ability to stay clean and fresh and the copious use of large, vibrant images. Major kudos to their design agency and/or in-house design team as well as their photographers.

If you get a chance I highly recommend checking them out and perhaps considering giving some of your time or money to them.

And feel free to enjoy their beautiful branding!

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