well, happy post-holidays to all of ya! its been a good X-mas/New Years. lots of food, fun and good times! got a few sites to share with you:

this one’s an awesome mix of flash with embedded video. way cool! somebody finally got a clue about what flash was really made for (it was originally created as a video creation program!). just be sure to use the english version of the site, unless you wanna brush up on that french you learned way back in high school.

this is a way cool article @ www.relevantmagazine.com on how we should be interacting with one another as Christians. no more of the ‘church-talk.’

here’s a great article that’ll get your brain wheels turnin’. when’s the last time you thought that the anti-consumerism fad that has been so popular amongst youth and young adults in America is really just driving American consumerism even further? this little article will have you wondering just how much of an impact Fight Club had on fighting American consumerism.

here’s some pretty sweet holiday card designs. check ’em out. maybe you’ll get one from me next year…if you’re good!

this one’s a pretty sweet flash site. nice use of the designer’s face! the heavy breathing part’s pretty funny! oh yeah, and his eyes are a little freaky. but you’ll like it, trust me!

last but on least is a one kick-butt drum site! this one features music clips and vids of just about every great drummer ever! be sure to check out all the videos, there are some awesome solos! and Jesse would kill me if I didn’t mention that Neil Pert’s got some good stuff on the site as well. check it out.

oh, for all you Sunday Morning Drive fans out there, our next show is this coming Friday, January 7th @ Cooper’stown, 7pm. We’ll be playing four, 20 minute sets down in the ‘dungeon’ in between the bands outside. Be sure to come by and hear us play, even if you can’t stay the whole time. we’d all love to see you! oh, and we’ve got a special guest with us, violinist Tammy McGavock, so don’t miss the fun!

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