(to add some formality to my page I am implementing the following into my semi-daily rantings: a daily/nightly  highlight/review of something exceptional I’ve seen, read, heard, or watched, and a daily dose of what I’m listening to, reading (cause readin’s good for ya!), and/or watching.)


Tonight’s Highlights:


‘High Fidelity’.  if you haven’t seen it, see it.  With a mixture of the relational angst and musical rantings of ‘Empire Records’ (though the rantings extend far and beyond those of ‘Empire’) and the stylistic dialogue and narration of ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’, this film retains, in my view, the high and vaulted position of number one post-teen-angst movie.  John Cusack is at his finest, bringing to life a true boy-becoming-man, as his character reflects on his relationships, present and pass.  Plus you can’t beat the musical bantering/critique that fills this movie to the brim!  I will warn you, however, that its got a fair dose of language, and one scene that it could do without (nudity).  just so there’s no suprises. 


saw ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ tonight, as well.  Great movie: funny (very funny!), stylistically out-there, and some well executed acting (how he mangages to keep his lips from ever closing is beyond me!).  my prediction: cult classic, ‘specially after it hits store shelves.


if you haven’t discovered it yet, discover it now: KEXP 90.3, of Seattle, WA.  Listen live, all day, with some awesome ‘DJ’-ing and a decent selection of music (I don’t mean variety, but quality).  I will warn you, however, that some DJ’s lean heavily on the garage band side of musical taste, with a lot of modest mouse and franz ferdinand-ish bands being pumped through the soggy air waves of the northwest.  Overall, and excellent online indie station.  A definite good listen, most all the time.


Daily Dose: 


Listening: KEXP, plus a mix of old-school DMB; anything before ‘Everyday’ (I’ve been on this DMB binge for the last week.  There’s no tellin’ how long it’ll last!)


Reading:  Villa and Zapata: A History of the Mexican Revolution, by Frank Lynn.  Why?  Cause, I admit, I am a history-phile and this guy can really write a decent history book!


Watching:  ‘High Fidelity’ and ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ (see above)



“Keep on Rockin’ for the Kids” 

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