so you think you’re an artist? or at least on your way down that road? here’s a couple interesting foray’s into digital art:

1. Greg Martin is a digital illustrator who uses digital art software (such as Adobe Photoshop) to create some amazing artwork. primarily his art focuses on the subject of space, the universe, stars, planets, comets and the such. his stuff is so amazing due to the detail with which he adds to his illustrations, using only digital means! check out his two sites: his portfolio and his personal gallery site. both are worth the look!

2. second is a slightly different take on digital art. primarily a foray into flash animation, this eCard, made for the band Kings of Convenience and their album entitled ‘Riot on and Empty Street,’ delves into some cool animations that can be done using a single photograph. very cool, along with some cool, mellow, acoustic guitar-driven music! each song brings up a different flash animation. “ch-check it out!”

so tonight finds me on Adrienne’s computer, located in Raymond Hall, Northern Arizona University! Flagstaff rocks, and so far the weekend’s been a good one. all of you Greater Phoenix Area peeps – I highly reccommend gettin’ somewhere cool before school gets too crazy and while its still worth ditchin’ the horrendous heat; perhaps Flag or the beach??? do it! you won’t regret it!

catch you’s all late. peace.

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