yeah, that’s the plan for tomorrow! yay, for no work and a solid night of sleep! this last weekend (though awesome) totally wiped me out. the staff retreat was the bomb diggity, and more fun than a barrell of chihuahuas (though I’m doubting the actual fun-ness of a barrel of those). there were a few times that I thought it would just be more fun to have all the staff live together in one big house and never return to our real lives! but that’s not the plan, and so now we’re all ‘refreshed’ and ready to go for the year ahead for Excel!

Anyways, don’t get me wrong. I really do enjoy work (more so when there are actual customers to talk to) and am kinda bummed to be off for three days. yeah, its weird. nobody working for best buy should be bummed to have days off, but, hey, I guess its a good thing in my case, considering I’ve finally got a decent job that I actually enjoy showing up for!

no fun links this time. haven’t really had all that much time to spend on bumming around the internet lately. but hopefully something soon. that’s what days off are good for!

so here’s to all of you with real jobs that require 9-5, m-f. peace.

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