ok, I guess its time for me to hop on the Alice Cooper band wagon. It would appear that Alice has had a sudden resurgency in popularity in the last year with his name and face popping up every where. What’s funny, to me, is that I’ve been around the guy for years since he attends the same church I do and I’ve known his son, Dash, for several years and yet I’ve never really been into his music or much of anything that involved the Alice Cooper persona. But “Nights with Alice Cooper” on 93.3 KDKB has completely transformed my opinion of the guy (not that I ever hated him or even just didn’t like him. Ambivalence would probably describe it best). He rocks! I’m still not sold on his music but as a dj and radio host he’s awesome, stringing together an awesome assortment of classic rock songs (and not just the hits) along with some extremely witty remarks and cracks at anything and everything. He is by far the best thing on the radio today. So check him out!

and here’s a shameless plug for Dash Cooper’s band, Runaway Phoenix. Check them out too!

And if you missed my plug for Digg.com a couple weeks ago, here’s a great way to check out the best of Digg.com, weekly. One of the founders of Digg.com, Kevin Rose, and “The Screensaver’s” last co-host (before G4TV got stupid and cancelled the best show ever), Alex Albrecht put together a weekly podcast and vidcast discussing some of the top stories dugg by users at Digg.com. If you don’t want to wade through tons of links on Digg.com and get only the good stuff, check them out. Besides that they’re funny. Definitely a highlight of my week!

Oh, my band “Sunday Morning Drive” is officially tech savvy. We’ve got an official website up so head over there and check out the new music posted, find out about our upcoming shows, leave a comment on our message board, and buy a T-shirt (only $15!!!). And if you’re into myspace.com we’re on there as well so add us as your friend. now. do it now.

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