tonight wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. band practice was a bust since Jesse our drummer (who wanted to practice tonight instead of tuesday) bailed on us. we still don’t know where he’s at. somewhere between the gym and Denver, that’s all we know! went to Abblepees instead and got a quesadilla (yay for two meals in one! now I’ve got lunch for tomorrow too!!). but now I feel really dizzy, like somebody slipped a little something in my pepsi (just proves that PepsiCo is almost as evil as Microsoft!). anyways, at least today contained a nice, long nap! three cheers for naps!

so I’ve pretty much decided NAU and Flagstaff are gonna be my home next semester! I’m so psyched about getting back into school full time AND hanging out up there! phoenix is SO passe. just kiddin’! I’m gonna miss a lot of people if I do leave…and I mean miss ’em a lot. but there’s plenty of cool peeps up in the great non-white (as in no snow) north of Arizona, too, so that’ll be cool. anyways…

found a pretty cool site for the Neistat Brothers of NY. They’re a couple of crazy dudes who make videos, often for the purpose of criticizing products and policies, i.e. *iPod’s crazy unreplaceable battery and its life-span of 18 months (which is conveniently 6 months more than their warranty!), or *a video of one of the brothers riding his bike through the Holland tunnel in NY (which is illegal to do!) to prove that its faster to just ride your bike than drive a car in NY city. cool stuff. have a looksee!

here’s a way cool media site,, that features a bunch of downloadable songs, videos and other cool stuff to check out. I believe you may need to install limewire to download some of the songs, but I may be wrong. have fun!

*sorry, I realized after the fact that these two videos are not actually accessible through You can still view them from the links I put up, but if you go to the brothers’ site, you won’t be able to find them from there. sorry for the mix-up!

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