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I’m not really sure the reason, but we human beings love to make the turning of one year to the next a time to resolve to do things differently, as if somehow the passing of one wintry day to another will make for change.

The proven facts are these: we are creatures more of habit than change. We love the status quo (even when our personal status quo is to oppose the status quo of others).

But there does come a time when change must happen in all of our lives, whether by choice or circumstance. And sometimes a new year is a great time to start new habits to produce long-term changes.

I say this as I have been pondering several issues and tendencies in my own life, things which I hope do change in some way, to some degree or another. Some are things that need to be reversed, to change from one spectrum to an opposite. Others merely need a slight tweak, a minor adjustment. While others I desire to see change through growth and proliferation. And so now, while it is yet still ’09, I want to state resolve for several items I want to focus my attention on for 2010.

I deeply desire to be a more loving person.

I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ and the Bible—I am a Christian, changed through the power of Jesus in my heart. And this power has proven already to produce more love for both my Savior and for the people around me. But I know that there is far more room to grow in this. I want to focus much attention in 2010 on what it means to love Jesus and the people I meet and live with and how I can best pursue and grow this passion in my life. I’m not quite sure yet how this will flesh out practically but I know for sure that it will require me to become far less selfish than I am and focus more on humbly serving others through the amazing power of Jesus in my life.

If there’s one thing 2009 has taught me it’s that I am too easily distracted.

I don’t necessarily mean that I keep my attention on a task at hand but that I tend to spread myself too thin. I love doing things and helping others with my skills, talents and knowledge. And I have countless passions and interests. All this mixed together means I end up pulled in a lot of different directions to the detriment of the people and projects I am most passionate about.

I desire that 2010 would be a year of intense focus as I look to hone in on the things that really matter, that I’m truly passionate about, and lovingly pass on the rest. I’m already very aware that this is going to be a challenge. Much of what takes up my time are good, even great things. But I know that some need to be put aside and some need far less attention than they currently get. This is going to take some sacrifice on my part and some guts to just say no when I’m given an opportunity that doesn’t fit my true passions. I need to zero in.

I also want to see the projects I do take on come to completion. As well as picking the right projects that fit my passions, this also means setting realistic expectations and time lines up front and staying disciplined throughout the process. I want 2010 to be a year of focused completion for every project I take on.

Like so many, 2009 has been a real learning experience for myself and my wife in regards to finances. Going to one income due to the economy has shown us that our spending habits and financial priorities need some revision and I’m hoping that through 2010 we can continue to hone these habits and even be able to see some of our financial goals met.

My reading list in 2009 has dramatically grown but unfortunately I have not been able to invest as much time reading as I have in the past. I desire to focus in 2010 on reading a lot more and with more intentionality. I’ve never been a big note taker when I read books but I want that to change. I want to read with the intent to retain what I learn and even be able to share the new-found knowledge with others through this blog and other places.

I desire to do more personal artistic endeavors, not constrained by the parameters set by a client. Even if this just means completing a pen-and-ink doodle a week I’ll be happy. I’ve let this side of my creativity flounder through much of 2009 and I don’t want this to continue for much longer.

I desire to write more. I’ve already made a concerted effort in the last part of this year to keep this blog fed with more posts and I plan to continue this in the new year. As well, I’ve started writing for Humanitas Remedium. I hope that both of these projects will continue to push me to write more.

Also, I’d like to be writing more creative pieces, preferably poetry. I used to write a fair amount of poetry but have not done so in the last year or so. I’d like to focus on completing one poem every month or so in 2010, if at all possible with the intention of spurring on creativity through the process.

After reviewing my desires for 2010 it seems that a few over-arching themes standout: love, passion, focus, and creativity. I want for myself 2010 to be defined by these items throughout my relationships, work, projects and endeavors. I know some of these may not happen as I plan but I hope that through the process of trying I can better see where the right path lies. Here’s to a wonderful new year!

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